The Beegining of Our Adventure


Today we embark on this 73 day journey around the United States of America! I mean who gets to say that they traveled all across the states?! Very few people that’s who. We are so excited to see what is in store for us along this journey-all the foods we will try, all the new people we will meet, all the sights to see. As it gets down to the last few days we are getting more and more excited. But there is also this sense of fear. Not knowing what is in store for us, but also this sense of homelessness. For 73 days we will be homeless and away from all of our loved ones. Now there’s a little discomfort in knowing that, but also lots of excitement for everything to come.

Well, over the course of these past few weeks, Sarah and I have been steadily packing. There have been concerns if we would have enough room or if we need to bring more supplies. With all of that, we finally were able to get the car packed and ready to go. The photo below is us with our neatly packed car.


We would like to thank all the people that have helped us so far. Our parents have been very supportive in our desire to do this post-graduation trip. They have provided us emotional, financial, and motivational support. They also have helped to collect all the necessary supplies that we need in order to make this trip do-able. We would like to thank Mary Sue and Irene for letting us use their Thule. We would also like to thank the AAA agency for all the free maps, travel books, and TripTik. We also really appreciate all the people who have donated to us on GoFundMe and to the people who have welcomed us to stay in their homes along the way.


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