Wild Wild West 

Wild Wild West has treated us well so far. We saw the beautiful Lake Tahoe! We drove for a few miles looking for the Bonsai Rock.

(Photo by: Jim Patterson)

Unfortunately, we turned down private roads, dead ends and private beaches. And we got a picture of a gate. Candace didn’t feel comfortable breaking the rules, hence the picture being farther away.

Then we drove through Nevada admiring its beauty. We went through different weather systems, saw tumbleweeds, and encountered a beautiful coyote crossing the road and passing through the shrubs. We also saw wild horses in the distance by Walker Lake (which is a natural lake filled with minerals). It was quite interesting seeing wild horse, donkey, ram and bull crossing signs. These were such strange sights to see for us Californians, since we are only really used to seeing deer crossing signs.

Going through each individual small town, speeds reduced down from 70 to 35. Then back up to 70 after a couple minutes it took to drive through each town. There were several areas in which road signs read road work ahead “drop speed down to 55 (from 70), but of course there was actually no one doing any road work. There was just simply orange cones that went on for miles and miles. And here I (Sarah) was driving responsibility at the speed construction speed limit when it wasn’t really necessary.

One of the places we stopped to get gas, it was so windy that the door slammed onto Candace’s hand. The wind in Nevada is no joke. I immediately noticed that her hand was bruised.

After a long and tiresome driving day (9 hrs and 30 mins) we made it to Las Vegas, where we stayed the night at a friends house. We visited with them for awhile then decided to turn in since we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

More adventures to share!

Much love,

The TravelingBumbleBees 🐝


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