New Day, New Challenge

We started the day out with excitement and energy! We set out for Antelope Canyon, AZ, unfortunately, we were not able to get tour tickets. Instead we headed for our campsite at Lake Powell, AZ. We had an amazing view of the Lake which was actually created by the Colorado River rushing pass the nearby dam.

Once we checked-in at our campsite, Sarah and I decided to get our tent set up and our things in order. We evaluated where we could set up our tent. At the time, we thought it was great flat location. We soon discovered that the ground was so tough and filled with so many rocks that it seemed almost impossible getting the stakes into the ground. This was our first challenge of the day. We finally got the stakes planted in the ground using our teamwork!

This was our first day setting up the tent since we’ve been on the road. We fed the poles through the tent and to our surprise we found it very difficult to get the poles to stand up. We were puzzled because the only thing different was that we got new shock cord. We inspected the tent more and found out that it was caught on one of the tent flaps. We laughed with one another. Finally, we got the tent setup!

However, we thought our challenges were over, but we were wrong. We ran into trouble getting some items out of the car. I (Candace) questioned, “ Can this get any easier?”. We tucked and plugged to get the items out of the car until finally we did!

After all of that, we walked down to the Lake. I dipped my feet into the snow-cold lake water which was quiet refreshing. We laughed at my attempt to do a handstand. Then it started to get dark outside so we headed back to the tent.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” -Anonymous

As we were talking about what time to wake up the next morning, we noticed the time changed by an hour. We kind panicked at if Arizona was an hour ahead or California time. Sarah and I researched what time it actually was and below is the picture of what we found.


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