Light at the End of the Tunnel

We were awake at 5:45am to make sure we would not miss the tour at 6:30am. Since we still were not able to figure out what the time zone was the night before, we arrived an hour earlier. We waited until the tour truck was ready. Once we got into Antelope Canyon, we were happy that we did the morning tour because the light danced through the canyon as the sun rose. Also, there were no other tour groups in the canyon.

The canyon was discovered by a young Navajo girl while she was herding sheep. Antelope Canyon official became a national park in 1919. Since then it has changed into a Navajo Tribal park, which means in order to see the canyon you have to take a guided tour. Sarah and I were thankful that we did the tour because our tour guide Linette  took the most amazing canyon pictures for us.

Following the tour, we headed straight to Zion National Park. We soon realized both our phones and the TripTik were incorrect on the time it would take to get to Zion. They were having us drive so far and then walk up a trail. Once we realized that it was over an hour less drive time.

As we got into Zion National Park, we were driving all through the beautiful Zion Canyon rocks and mountains. We got to our campsite and it was right in the middle of these two gorgeous mountains. We had a great scenic from our tent.


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