Best Bath Ever 

We woke up early hoping to get on the road at a decent hour, however, we overslept by an hour. So we quickly packed up our things and got on the road.

It started to snow while we were driving which was a really cool experience. Especially, since as Californians, we don’t get to see that everyday, unless we purposefully go to the mountains. We saw the white snow sprinkling across the windshield making an appearance before it melted.

When we got to Mystic Hot Springs, we were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the scenery was. 

We paid for our tickets and then changed into our bathing suits. To embark on our journey to the tubs. It was very muddy and also quiet a difficult walk up to the tubs, but once we got there it was totally worth it. The steam crested the air before it vapored into the cold snowy wind.

I (Candace) found myself quickly jumping in the tub due to the freezing temperatures outside. I was welcomed by the hot water. The tubs were magical!

We soon had to leave so that we could get a campsite at Sand Flats Recreation Area. Due to the fact, that it is a first come first serve campsite. We almost turned around when we saw the sign saying, “Campground Full”. Good thing we didn’t because we got a spot for two nights! We were so happy to not have to move locations the next morning.

It started to rain towards the evening and we wanted a hot meal, so we went into town to Fiesta Mexicana. We cannot tell you enough how nice it was to eat a hot meal! We stuffed our faces to the point where our bellies were nice and full.


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