Cars Land πŸš—

We slept in! It was until about 7:30am which is considered “late” to our adventure standards now. We slowly got ready, so we could leave to go hike Arches National Park.
All the hikes were really short and quite easy. We hiked to the viewpoint of the Delicate Arch. (Picture below)

We then hiked to Double Arch. (Picture below)

We hiked to the North and South Window. (Picture below)

Once we were done, we went to the visitors center to learn more about the Arches and to fill up our water containers. While we were there, we learned that the Arches were formed through millions of years of evaporated oceans that filled the area and then were covered by rock and then pushed up through the Colorado plate moving up. These arches stand freely and go through their own life cycle of eroding. Just like humans Arches have their own life cycle; and the same thing that helped make them is also their demise.


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