Coke Ovens

We went to Colorado National Monument today. Where there was hardly anyone here to admire its beauty.

We hiked Coke Ovens (photo above), Otto’s Point, and went to the viewpoint of Independent Monument (photo below). It was amazing to see the greenery growing around the rocks and the streams of water rushing past. As well as the sky-high boulders standing independently of one another.

After a wonderful hike, we were able to finally take a shower at the rec center. It had been 5 days without a shower. Let’s just say we were a little smelly.

On our way heading back from the rec center, we were lucky enough to see a double rainbow! We saw both rainbows from end to end.

With our new found sense of luck, we cooked dinner as the storm clouds moved past us. Sarah had her favorite Trader O’s while I had baked beans. It was a delicious meal to have at the end of the day.

Much love,

The Traveling BumbleBees


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