Mile High Capital

We got to sleep in today! It was really nice since it had been a few days since we were able to do so. We have been waking up around 6am each day in order to get on the road at a decent hour to see the next place. With that being said, we slept in until 7:30am.

Once we started to pack our campsite up, we had an audience. Our neighbors, who were four college-age guys, would glance over every once and awhile. Observing how efficiently Sarah and I were packing up the car and breaking down the tent.

The previous night Sarah heard them arrive to their campsite creating a lot of noise while setting up their tent. She overheard them comment to each other, “We are like Railroad workers” as they were hammering in the stakes.

In the morning, we chuckled to ourselves because it was obvious it was their first time setting up that tent. They had the rain fly draped over the tent as well as a lack of tension on the tent.

As we left the campground, we set out to our journey to Denver, CO. We drove through the snowy Rocky Mountains and Eisenhower Tunnel. 

Once we got to Colorado, we went to the State capital building which is a mile above sea level. It was amazing how many stories tall it was. It felt like we were climbing for days.

The architecture in the building was magnificent (photo above). Each floor had an unique characteristic about it.

We also saw these 50 foot dancing statues outside of the performing arts building. I (Sarah) read that locals hate these dancing statues.

Additionally, we saw the big blue bear peering into the convention center. People probably assumed we were tourists because we were taking pics of these “normal” everyday sights that they see.

We then met up with our friend from rowing who we both hadn’t seen in several years. It was great catching up with her. We went to the Vine Street Pub for a burger and beer. We stayed the night at her quaint little apartment, where Candace and I slept on her futon. We have been so used to sleeping outside in the cold with a million layers on, we actually got hot and sweaty that night from the heat in the apartment.

Much Love,

The Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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