In the morning, we woke up to the snow falling still, as it did throughout the night. Little Peanut (our car) was covered in a thick sheet of snow, so it took us sometime to clear the snow off the windows. I (Candace) started to move the snow off with my hands which was not a smart idea since shortly after my fingers were frozen. So, Sarah got out her snow gloves and continued to move the snow off. Which helped my (Sarah) hands stay warm.


Once we got on the road, the map on my phone changed for a “faster route”. We decided to take that route thinking it would be a good idea. Instead of taking the 25 south through Colorado Springs, it directed us through a smaller freeway the 287/385, which is more frequently used by trucks. We were fine with our decision to go this way, for the time being.

We switched drivers at one of our gas stops and continued back on the 287/385 freeway. As we were driving, we heard over the radio announcer say that there was a “blizzard” going through the border of Colorado and Oklahoma. I (Candace) looked at our paper maps to see if we were headed in that direction. Soon to my surprise, we were headed that way. I started to look on my phone for weather updates and projections of where the weather would be headed. Then I checked back to the paper maps to see if we could make a detour. There was a route that we could take, however, it was on a really low-profile highway. Sarah voted against going that way since it was still snowing around us and that there would be less snow-plows going that way.

We wanted to double-check that we were making a smart decision to stay on this freeway. We pulled off in a little town named Springfield, CO. First, Sarah pulled into the parking lot for the US Forest Service. We went inside and talked to the two gentlemen. They tried to help us; they suggested staying in town for the night until the blizzard passed. They really had no idea at the weather taking place or hadn’t heard of what we were talking about. They also suggested asking the police station down the road. We decided to get a second-opinion. Good thing that we did because the two ladies at the police station said, “ The snow isn’t sticking to the ground and its really slushy out-there. So you should be fine to drive.”  After this advice, we felt more confident in continuing on.

Afterwards, we headed back on the snowy road. We drove for awhile until we got into Boise City, OK which was where the blizzard was supposed to be going on. And guess what? There was no blizzard, there was also no snow falling anymore. Sarah and I had nothing to worry about.

We finally got to our destination Amarillo, TX. We stayed the night at the Amarillo RV Park. They were so friendly and welcoming. I think it was slightly because we were the only people in the RV park staying in a tent. They thought we were a little cuckoo to be staying in a tent. While we were setting up the tent, there was a woman who approached us saying that we were welcome to stay in her RV, if it was too cold. We thanked her and told her that we had stayed in much colder weather and we would be fine.

Once we were done setting up, we called for our free limo to take us to Big Texan! At Big Texan there is a good challenge to eat a 72oz steak, a baked potato, 3 fried shrimp, a salad, and a dinner roll all within or under an hour. If you can do it you get the whole meal for free. If you can’t you pay the $72 dollars for the meal. While we were there one man took on the challenge and completed it with 16:52 minutes to spare. We asked our waitress how many people accomplish the challenge. She said “approximately 10,000 people and that the trick is to get your steak more well-done.”

We finished up at Big Texan and waited for our free limo back to the RV Ranch. While we were waiting we chatted with a young man from Dallas. He was in the motor home business on his way back home from Vegas. He told us that a little old woman holds the record for the challenge under 30 minutes.

In the limo he heard that we were staying at the tent site and thought we were crazy. He said ” it is way to cold to stay in a tent and that we couldn’t do that.” We said that we would be fine and that we had been staying in tents all over and some were much colder than it would get down to that night. He also offered us to sleep in his bus, but we declined. He got dropped off at his bus and we then got dropped off at our tent. I (Sarah) got a little worried he would come and try to tell us again that we couldn’t stay in a tent and to stay at his bus. So I tied the zippers together so he wouldn’t be able to get in. Nothing ended up happening, but better to be safe than sorry.

We didnt sleep that great that night because 1) it was very windy 2) we were right by a train station that came through every 15 minutes honking it’s horn (it felt like) 3) the birds started talking early in the morning.​


Much Love, 

The Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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