Don’t Mess with Texas

We have this routine of breaking down the campsite, so well, that we can do it all under an hour that was important for our day ahead.

We had about a seven-hour drive day, but we were also changing time-zones so we gained an hour as we traveled over the border of New Mexico and Texas. We thought that the time change wouldn’t really affect us since we had been going back and forth from Texas to New Mexico back to Texas. Well it sure did affect us!

As we were driving, we had a gorgeous view of scenery (photo above). Also, we saw many signs specifically saying “Don’t Mess with Texas, Littering $2000”. Sarah and I were amused with these signs because they were so up front about what not to do. They were presented in such a way that if you were to read the sign quickly you would just see “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

Driving into Austin, TX was very pretty. We drove through the town of Fredricksburg which seemed like our equivalent to Sonoma/Napa county with all the wineries. We saw some beautiful fields filled with Texas’s state flower bluebonnet. We were not able to get a photo since we were driving. In order to get where we were going, we drove through a one lane road through this really pretty state park. This road had a spot where water was cascading over it like a waterfall.

Candace and I got to our campsite, which was absolutely beautiful by Lake Austin (photo below). The owner of the property where we stayed was a interesting character. He had long silver/blonde hair pulled back in a low pony and liked to crack jokes. He told us our total amount owed in Roman numerals and gave us a few places where we could get some good food. He mentioned that Austin was a blue dot in a red state and that he didn’t want the government in his business.


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