City with A Soul

In the morning, we were sad to leave our gorgeous lake view campsite in Austin, TX. However, we quickly got our things packed and were on our way. Before we left Texas, Sarah wanted to stop by the Silos in Waco, TX because they are acquainted with the people from the show Fixer Upper. It was a quaint, little town with not much of anything going on. There were small avenues with houses decorated alongside. As we approached the Silos, that was when the setting changed. It turned from a slow- moving town to a busy, energetic hub. It seemed like almost the entire town was gathering in this one area. 

Luckily, we found parking down the street and as we were walking to the Silos we passed a building with colorful writing on it (photo below). 

We enjoyed walking around the Silos area checking out: the garden, swing set, shops, and food trucks. The decorations created a modern southern look. By the shops, there were black and white roof canopys shading the people standing nearby. While by the Silos, there was an old style forest green truck parked for a photo opportunity. There was also another photo opportunity outside the Silos which Sarah got a picture by (photo below). We didn’t go through any of the shops because the lines were so long to get in. 

After we checked out the Silos, it was time to head to Oklahoma City, OK. In Texas and the few other states we have already been to, it is customary to pass someone in the left lane and then get back over to the right lane. There are even signs that say, “Left Lane Passing Only”. 

Contrary to this custom, drivers in Oklahoma drive in every lane and swerve in between cars that didn’t seem like there was enough space. Once we got to the road work traffic, we experienced a whole different type of Oklahoma driving. Sarah was driving during this part and had people cutting her off, flipping her off and tailgating. It was quiet the experience unlike the prior states. We both were not super fond of OKC. There was something about it we just couldn’t get onboard with. We are glad we got to have that experience because we appreciate the other places so much more now. Don’t get us wrong there were very nice people who we met from Oklahoma and enjoyed our time with friends, but in the end we just weren’t vibing with it. 


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