3 States in 1 Day

Today, we made it to three states all in the course of one day! We were in Oklahoma, Kansas and finally Missouri.

Once we left Oklahoma, we set off to the corner of Kansas where we drove through a small little city called Baxter Springs. There were many churches, a school, and some gas stations. There were a few cars roaming around, but it was a much smaller town so there were fewer things to do.



Once we arrived in St. Louis, we were greeted by the family we were staying with. Candace and I (Sarah) were a little unsure, not knowing what to expect since we had never met them before. They were very nice and welcoming though and shortly eased our nervousness. The father gave us his own bedroom to sleep in, which was very sweet of him. We got comfortable and situated then started playing some dominoes. Candace and myself had never played before so they taught us. We love learning new games. We even did pretty well once we caught on and got the hang of it. He made dinner which consisted of leftover barbecue he had made the previous night and boiled cabbage. They said if we didn’t like soul food we could have something else, but of course we like soul food! Basically any food we love!

They made sure our car was locked, which it was and we headed to bed. We were exhausted from a long days drive.

Much love,

The Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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