Not Just Another Arch

We woke up to a home cooked breakfast which included: eggs, homemade fries, bacon, and toast. It was quite a treat because before this we have been eating hard boiled eggs and breakfast bars. We enjoyed our breakfast and got ready to head to the Gateway Arch National Park.


When we arrived to the Gateway Arch National Park, we were amazed at how tall the monument was. As we were walking to the front of the monument, there was a park ranger who was welcoming people into the monument area. We went to ask him where to go to enter the Arch. He pointed us in the direction we needed to go and then remarked that there was going to be some rain moving through the area. Sarah and I looked up to the sky and saw light blue skies with very small dark gray rain clouds. I (Candace) did not think that it would pour with how tiny the clouds were. Right before we made it to the entrance it started torrential down pouring. We had to run inside to not get completely soaked.



We quickly got into the entrance where we went to the theater room to watch the free movie of how the Arch was made. During the 1959, it was remarkable how large each piece of steel was and how many men were working on the project. Especially, since there were not any β€œsafety” harness for them to wear. Even though they did not have the safety equipment that we have now, none of the men who worked on the monument fell off.

When the movie concluded, we left the theater to see if we could go up to the top. However, we were disappointed to find out that they were doing construction on the Arch tram until April 29th. Meaning that we were not able to go up to the top. Instead, we roamed around the gift shop checking out all the candies, postcards, and books that they had to offer.

We checked out the old courthouse (photo below) and some other historic buildings around downtown. Towards the end we went in a museum where they had a civil rights, Route 66 and World War 2 exhibits.



The first slavery case that was held at the courthouse was Dred and Harriet Scott who were filing for their freedom.


Route 66

We headed back to the house that we were staying at. We ate pizza that night while we played dominoes. We had a grand time!

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


2 thoughts on “Not Just Another Arch

  1. Hi gals! Sorry you didn’t get to experience The Arch. Back in the 70’s when I lived in St. Louis we were hoping to go up it. Our budget didn’t really allow for it, and as luck would have it Mother Nature intervened with rain and wind. So they shut it down for that day. We actually stood under it and watched it sway! And we’re glad we were on the ground. Happy travels..we’re loving following your adventures! Irene

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