Olympics in Arkansas

In the morning, we got ready before the family we were staying with was awake. At least we thought we did, the mother was awake who we greeted good morning to. Shortly thereafter, she yelled down the hall for her daughter to wake up, then for her boyfriend, then for her son. The room was quickly filled with the sleepy-eyed family. Sarah and I felt bad that everyone was woken up for our departure. They generously gave us water, sodas, and chips for our travels. We got in the car and left for Arkansas. The mother also wanted Melvin, the boyfriend, to follow us to the highway to make sure we got there safely. That was very sweet, but wasn’t necessary. I know we were going through some poor, potentially bad neighborhoods, but we would have been okay. We went through them the day before on our own just fine. Anyways he still followed us. Right before we merged on the highway we stopped and said goodbye. He hugged us through the car windows and told us that we are always welcome, which was very sweet of him.


On our way to Arkansas, we stopped at a visitor center. The rest stops are so much nicer than in California and have so many more amenities.




When we got to the friend’s house we were staying with, we met them, and chatted awhile. It was so nice meeting them and being in their company. They were some of the sweetest people I (Sarah) have met, and it was so nice hearing stories about my mother from high school.Β  They left to go to their grandson’s t-ball game and we just rested at the house until they came back. They took us out to BBQ, which was so tasty and some of the best BBQ we have had.

After we got back to their house, we learned that he was a Olympic torch runner in the 2002 Olympics. He got out the torch to show us and we got to hold it and take a picture as well. Now we can say we knew someone in the Olympics!



We watched some TV and went to bed. It was nice having our own bedrooms and space, since we have been sleeping right next to each other on our trip. Each day is beautiful and amazing, but with the driving it is just so draining and exhausting; we get tired very easily, so sleep is amazing. I (Sarah) truly value my sleep now.

Much Love,

The Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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