#Hot Springs On Tap

This morning we got up early so we could head to Hot Springs National Park. I (Sarah) felt bad because the dogs started barking when I got up to take a shower, which then woke them up. The dogs weren’t used to us being there so they were doing what a good dog should do and alert them that people were making noise and in the house.  Kirk got up and made Candace coffee and me tea. He was also going to make us breakfast, but we took a muffin instead.

Before we left, we chatted with them for a bit about things to do in Hot Springs and around the different states.


We headed to Hot Springs National Park and the 1 hour drive felt like 5 minutes. Since we have been driving for at least 4 hours or more a day, small drives seem like nothing. Hot Springs National Park was a cute little town, something I (Sarah) was not expecting when I first heard about it. We toured the bath houses and learned the history of the bath houses. The bath houses were actually a place to go to help with your health as well as a form of hygiene. They were basically old school hospitals because of the treatments that they would do there.  Hot Springs led to the modern notion of the “American Spa.” They still have two bath houses there where you can bathe in the mineral water. It is supposed to be very good for your health, even to drink.


After touring, we ate at their restaurant where they made beer and root beer out of the hot springs mineral water. You could taste the slight difference it made in the beverages.

We got our souvenirs and filled up all our water containers with cold hot spring mineral water. Every chance to get free water Candace and I take it. We saw a couple there filling up hundreds of empty jugs . I’m sure if I lived close to it, I would do the exact same thing.

We got on our way to the next place and couple that we were staying with in Magnolia, AR. It took us a couple hours.

Once we got there they drove us around and showed us the college and the whole town. It was a cute, but small town. They took us out to eat at an Italian restaurant in town. Then we went back to their house chatted for awhile and eventually went to bed.

Much Love,

The Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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