Oak Alley

This morning we actually got to sleep in, which is like 830-9am for us. We really wanted to leave the place we were staying because we weren’t vibing with the woman we were staying with in New Orleans. She was very nice, but very eccentric, scatterbrained and an energy drainer. So we were exhausted from one night with her. Especially because the previous day we had an early morning and a really late night.

We headed towards Jackson,MS, but before we got there we stopped at Oak Alley Plantation, LA (photo below). It was absolutely beautiful with all the oak trees. These 150 year old trees were laid out so they made an alley pathway towards the mansion. Hence the name Oak Alley Plantation.





It was so crazy seeing where and how the slaves lived. The dwellings were usually shared by two families. These houses were not in the condition that I assumed they were in at the time. The wood was new and in good condition instead of old and falling apart.

After looking at the slave quarters we headed to the mansion for our tour. We didn’t know that the tickets we got at the front were for the mansion tour, so we almost bought tickets again until I (Sarah) realized we already got the tickets. We got mint juleps while we waited to go inside the mansion. It was extremely hot with the humidity.

After touring the plantation, we headed to Jackson, MS where we stayed at Timberlake Campground. We got in after the office was closed so we had to deposit our money into the mailbox slot in the door. We picked the most level campsite that they had. There weren’t very many campsites to pick from because they were doing construction to several spots.

We hurried to set our tent up while we still had a little bit of daylight left. We made some food on our camp stove and ate in the tent because there were bugs everywhere. Soon thereafter we went to bed.
Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝



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