Adventures with Tom Sawyer

We were so happy that in the morning the tent was not damp. However, the night before when we were cooking food; we got attacked by mosquitoes. So we woke up itching our mosquito bites. Afterwards, we got ready to go to the Mississippi Art Museum. There were really amazing paintings in the exhibit. The photo below was apart of the Mississippi history section. 

We also viewed the different landscape paintings that were decoratively hung around the exhibit. The artists illustrated the landscapes including impeccable detail to the trees, grass, and homes. 

We were so hungry from walking around through the museum that we worked up an appetite. We wanted to have food that was special to Jackson, MS, so we went to Roosters. It is a smaller restaurant filled with a ton of people ordering food, eating and enjoying each other’s company. I (Candace) ordered their “Stupid Burger” which just means it is a stupid good burger. I had to try this amazing burger. Sarah got their cheeseburger with a cheddar jalapeΓ±o bun with a side of Mac n Cheese. 

We got in later than normal to our campsite. We stayed at Tom Sawyers RV park which was actually very cute. It was right by the river and had cute wooden towers.

We set up our tent then headed to Kroger to do some grocery shopping. We came back made dinner which we had to eat in our tent because the mosquitoes were so bad-we were getting eaten alive. We were exhausted and went to bed after resting in our own space. 

Much love, 

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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