Johnny Cash

This morning we woke up refreshed from sleeping in. Candace’s uncle made us breakfast which was so delicious. He made us an omelet with pico, steak, cheese, onions, and verde sauce. We took showers and got ready to head into downtown Nashville.

We parked by the courthouse and walked to the downtown strip that had lots of sights to see. On our way up from the Parking Structure, a woman who lived there didn’t know where she was going and asked us. We told her we were from out of town, so she asked where and we told her California. She then proceeded with a smug face in response to that as well as an “Oohhh…”


We walked to the Johnny Cash Museum. It was pretty fascinating learning more about Johnny Cash. I (Sarah) had no idea how romantic and sweet he was to his wives. He wrote very special letters, notes, and poems to his wives. I also didn’t know he had  four daughters with his first wife Vivian and a son with his second wife June.





After walking through the Museum, we went into one of the many bar/restaurants, Crazytown. It was very Nashville looking. In all of the bars and restaurants, they have a musician singing cover songs. The singer in Crazytown was a country singer who had a pretty good voice. While we were finishing up our food it started pouring outside. None of us were expecting to get rained on, so we weren’t prepared. We had to get back to the car parked several blocks away somehow. So we were going to walk to the souvenir shop and get ponchos. First Candace had to go back to the Johnny Cash shop to exchange her shirt. The one she got was too small on her and she needed the next size. Candace and I walked over there trying to stay dry as best we could. The streets don’t have very good drains, so the gutters were flooding. We made it over and back to the souvenir shop with minimal damage.

We then waited for her uncle to pick us up from the shop. Once he got us, we drove around the rest of downtown. They showed us the Grand Ole Opry building (photo below). We looked into getting tickets, but they only had single seats left. We headed back to their RV and watched A Million Ways to Die in the West and Blazing Saddles before going to bed.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees šŸ



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