Drinking with JD

As we got going towards Birmingham, AL, we saw signs for the Jack Daniels Distillery. Candace really wanted to check it out so we decided to go. We decided to do the Angel’s Share tour to try the premium whiskeys since we may never have them again. Our tour guide didn’t believe we were over 21 because we look so young! We got to taste Number 27 Gold, Sinatra, Select, Barrel Proof, and Rye. They were very tasty and smoothe. We learned that women make better tasters because they have more taste buds.





After touring, we left for our final destination for the day–Birmingham. While Candace was driving, I was trying to find a campsite where we could sleep. I could not find anything that allowed tents. So we ended up staying about 40 minutes outside the city at Lake Smith campground. When we got there the office was closed, so we had to depoist the money in the box again. There were lots of campsites to choose from. This place was awesome because it offered electric, so we actually got to watch a movie on the laptop! This campground was a little lonely since there was lots of space and only two other tent campers. It was hard for me to fall asleep this night.


Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝



One thought on “Drinking with JD

  1. You gals sound like you’re having a great time! I’m guessing it’s character building, as you experience all these new sites and circumstances! I hope you feel proud of yourselves! Irene

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