Nature walk in Art 🌺

We got up this morning and took down the tent once again. We also took a shower at the campground even though the bathrooms were not very appealing to the eyes.

We headed to the city of Birmingham to see the Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum and the Rainbow Color Tunnel.

First we went to the Botanical Gardens so we wouldn’t be there during the hottest part of the day. As it was it was still very hot with the humidity. The gardens were absolutely gorgeous and majestic. Walking in nature was just what I (Sarah) needed. It was so peaceful and rejuvenating. The surrounding neighborhood was just as beautiful as well and reminded me of Land Park in California.





After walking around the gardens, we drove over to the Birmingham Art Museum. Candace and I weren’t sure if we were allowed in at first because it looked like they were having an event taking place. There were also a group of high school students in their best attire–ladies wearing dresses and guys wearing slacks. Here Candace and I were in shorts and jeans; we felt very out of place.

The Art Museum was very well organized in themes and categories of art. They had sections of art from all geographical areas, such as Italian, European, African, and Asian art. In addition to they had a lot of ceramic pieces. It was cool seeing the history with art pieces.





Lastly we headed towards the Color Tunnel. We were really excited to see this. However when we went under the lights we’re disappointed to see no vibrant lights on. We saw the lights on but it was not dark enough outside for it to look like what we were expecting. It was early afternoon to just wait it out and we had to travel to our campground. Oh well, we headed towards our final destination for the night–Atlanta, GA.

We stayed at Atlanta South Resort which was right off the freeway. Another location where we were the only tent amongst a lot full of RVs. On the plus side we had the whole area to ourselves and had a nice bathroom to ourselves.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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