Carriage Ride through History

We woke up this morning and broke the tent down in no time. We were hurrying to make it to the Classic Carriage Works ride by 9:30am. We saw that it was cheaper to do the early bird ride versus the other times. Once we got to the horse carriage ride we found out all the times were the same price. So we still got the 9:30am slot which was perfect since it was a beautiful day out.  Sun shining not too humid yet.

Our tour guy was a native South Carolinian and had a thick accent. Our horses name was Franklin and was a very good sport. The horse had just gotten back from vacation and you could tell he didn’t really want to be working again. He wouldn’t get going at some points instead he wanted to look at the palm trees by the sidewalk. At one point during a stop he tried to eat the small growing palm tree. The driver quickly got him to “step up” which was one of the commands.

As we traveled through Charleston, SC, we were enriched with knowledge about the history of Charleston, SC. During the civil war, South Carolina got shot at for two years and did not surrender. From being shot at for so long, it affected the surrounding buildings. The church below is slightly tilted to the right from shooting.

We also saw a lot of churches. There were over hundreds of churches in this town. The funny thing is we have been seeing a lot of “First Churches” traveling the states, which make Candace and I wonder who really was first.


During our carriage ride, we were told that a lot of the roads we were traveling on were canals and wet at one point back in the day.



After our ride, we went to Forever 21 for Candace to get some new pair of shorts. She got a couple pairs. We also had brunch at this cute little place called Kitchen 208. We were able to sit outside since it was a beautiful day.



We asked the cashier at Forever 21 where the nearest beach was. She told us that there was a beach not far from where we were. So we drove to Folly Beach and dipped our toes in the water. Atlantic Ocean was a lot warmer than the Pacific. We absolutely loved and missed being at the beach. We both relished feeling the water and sand beneath our feet.


Once we begrudgingly left the beach, we headed to Asheville, NC. We got to Asheville, where we stayed at Wilson’s RV Park. There tent sites are just on a big grassy field. We set up our tent and got the rain fly on because we were expecting lots of rain. Once we got everything into the tent it started pouring.

We decided to go to this bar/restaurant (The Joint), where the food was pretty good. We got back to our tent site and was raining pretty hard still. Our tent neighbors (a large group of guys) were huddled standing under a pop up tent by the fire. Of course they looked at us as we walked in the rain to our tent. We were a little unsure if we would have any problems that night.

We got ready for bed and climbed in our sleeping bags. Our comfort was knowing there was another tent on the other side of us in case anything happened.

We fell fast asleep and were out like lights.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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