The Place Where Fancy People Stay

We were so excited to be going to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC that we purchased tickets the night before. While we were doing so, we realized that Saturdays were the busiest days to be going to the Estate. We still ended up going because scheduling-wise it made the most sense.

We got to sleep in since our check-in time was at noon. That was the earliest we could get into the Estate. We were thankful that we could sleep in a little bit. We woke up and got ready to go, as we did, we wore clothes that were comfortable and not our “Sunday best”.

As we made our way to the Estate, we discovered the entrance way into the Estate was not your average drive way. It was a lush green forestry landscape that followed the roadside. We saw a little pond on our way as well. It was a gorgeous entry way into the Estate. I (Candace) got our tickets from the Box Office and then made our way to the parking lot. From there we departed for the Estate by hiking down another gorgeous forestry area. As we descended down the hill, we had a lovely view of the Estate (photo below).


We got to the entry right at noon which was perfect timing. We walked in and were stunned by how huge the Estate was. There were 3 floors and a basement. In each room, there were flowers decorated all around. It was truly amazing how well made up each room was. Below are some photos of the rooms.




The self-guided tour around the Estate took about two and half hours due to a large volume of people. I would suggest if you do take the tour then choose a Sunday or weekday to explore the Estate. After our tour, we grabbed lunch at the cafe near the Estate which was reasonably priced for where we were at.

Afterwards, we drove to the winery for our complimentary wine tasting. As we walked into the winery, it was uniquely decorated to look like an underground cellar. There were many people in the room waiting in line to get a tasting. We sampled some delicious wines and a few not so delicious. We enjoyed the wine tasting and then left to go see the animals.

We walked over to the petting zoo where we were able to pet goats and see chickens. The goats were the cutest, most loving animals. ( I really want goats someday!) We spent sometime there until we saw the horses roaming up to the groundskeeper. We went over to see and pet the draft horses. They all really enjoyed the attention they were getting from all the people petting them. It was quiet sweet.

By the suggestion from wine waiter, we went to go check out the breweries in Asheville, NC. We stopped into Twin Leaf Brewery which was super cute and had a fun vibe of people playing games and talking. We next headed to Green Man Brewery which was alright; there was not as much activity going on as in the other. Following that we went to Burial Beer. This was my favorite because they had a hibiscus gose beer that was absolutely delicious. It was a wonderful time trying all the different beers and meeting really cool people.

When we left Burial Beer, it was raining so hard that we quickly ran to the car. Sarah did not drink so she drove us to Sonic, where we got yummy food! We quickly went back to the tent and got ready for bed.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝



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