Wet, Wild and Wonderful

This morning we woke up and it was still raining. It had rained all night long. Our tent was completely drenched. I (Sarah) heard the rain lightening up and thought it would be best to start taking the tent down while we had a little reprieve. Plus I  heard everyone else taking their tents down as well.

It was a very wet process taking the tent down and packing things up. There were large puddles right next to the car, which made packing the car extra fun. Additionally, the tent was still soaked so putting it away we knew it would not be able to dry.

We got everything packed and took a shower in the bathroom. Today the water was much hotter than the previous day.

Once we were all clean, we got on our way towards the New River Gorge Bridge in Lansing, WV. While driving there it still rained off and on, however once we arrived near Lansing, it had stopped raining.


The bridge was absolutely stunning. Fun fact–The New River Gorge Bridge was for many years the world’s longest single-span arch bridge with an arch at 1700 feet. It is still one of the top largest in the world. We were able to walk down to the lower viewpoint and get great sight of this tremendous bridge.




Additionally, we filled up all of our water containers at the Vistor Center. National Parks are awesome in every way. Not only are they exceptionally beautiful sights to see but we get also get free water fill up while we are there.

After we left, I (Sarah) took the backroad to avoid the toll road that we had already ridden on to get to the bridge. It was very twisty turny road. It reminded me of Tahoe roads except I was unfamiliar with these. Candace got a little car sick and had to look up at the road and get some air.

We made it to Charleston, WV where we were warmly greeted by our hosts for the night. Their home was breathtaking. They were so kind to drive us through Charleston and show us around. Then they took us out to eat at Black Sheep, which had yummy burritos and tacos. Once we got back to their house we did laundry. One of the greatest gifts someone could give to us travelers–a warm dry place to sleep, great company, yummy food, and the ability to wash our twicely worn clothes.

We went to bed after a long tiring day.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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