Spooky Caverns paired with a spooky night 

We left early in the morning to get the Luray Caverns in Luray, VA for a chance to see the Caverns. On our drive to the caverns, I enjoyed talking with Sarah about life, relationships, and what the future could hold. Once we got to the caverns, we pulled into a parking lot where I was unsure if we got to the right place. It was a parking lot displayed around it was a gift shop, bathrooms, and welcome center. We got out of the car heading towards the welcome center. There we discovered that we were in fact at the right place. We bought our tickets then went to the stairs where we waited to head down into the caverns.

Once we walked down the stairs into the caverns, we were greeted by our tour guide. She introduced herself and provided us history about how the cavern was discovered. The opening to the cavern was about the size of a quarter. Three men were walking passed it on a hot mid-August day when they felt a breeze of cool air continuously pass through this hole. They found this odd and wanted to know what could be causing this. They soon broke ground and found that there was a cavern underground.

While we were exploring around the cavern, Sarah and I got frustrated at the people in our group who were not following to the tour guides instructions, which was simply to not to touch the stalagmites. We have been taught through our lives and more so through this trip that there are a lot of pretty amazing things in this world and sometimes you cannot touch them.

We continued around the cavern and were in aw with the cavern’s organ. It began to play a little tune which was dazzling.

After the tour, we set off for a campsite that Sarah reserved over the phone. We pulled into the drive way which had old school buses turning into camp buses that would take campers to the river to go rafting. We walked into the building and this woman greeted us and then said, “You’re the ones who called earlier about the campsite, right?” We both nodded in agreement. She pointed to a map where the campsites were. She commented, “Camp anywhere you like there’s no one else camping out here tonight. You’ll have the place to yourselves.”

Side note: Sarah and I consider ourselves social campers, meaning we find comfort in having other tents and campers around. So once this woman said we will be camping by ourselves, we kind of panicked.

We set out for the pavillion since she said we could camp under there. This was nice because it saved us from the rain and allowed our tent to dry. We debated staying there or not because we were so alone. But we built up the courage to stay. We talked and laughed for hours about funny things. Then once it started to get dark that all changed. The rain drops sounded like footsteps, the crackle of the leaves from critters moving around, and the lights from cars from the street behind, all together freaked us out! At that point, I (Candace) was about to get in the car and sleep there. Instead I put my beanie and pillow over my head to mute the sound. It did not work for that long because later in the night I wake up to all the noises again. This time the raindrops sound like flip flops. I wasn’t having it. Many horrible thoughts were running through my mind. Too many worries to try to sleep. Finally, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep shortly due to the bright sunlight in the morning.

Too much worrying does not help with anything. In the end, we were perfectly okay.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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