Saved By Airbnb

This morning we woke up really early because it had been a long scary night for us. The one good thing was our tent was dry, but we had gotten little to no sleep. Since we had put very little in our tent except the bare minimum: our sleeping bags, pads and moving blanket. Clean up was extremely fast and easy. Candace and I really just wanted to get out of there.

So we got on the road and started heading to Washington D.C. There was a campground we had found, but instead of calling and making a reservation first we wanted to drive there and see what it looked like. We also wanted to see if there were anyone else camping there. We didn’t want to be alone again and have another repeat of the previous night. Some people might be comfortable with no people around, but Candace and myself are not those people. Once we get to this campground, we start driving through and we see woods/ forresty landscape. On top of that there was no one camping in all of the 100 sites that they had, plus it was raining. I did not want to have our dry tent get wet again!

So Candace and I decide to find something else. She had been looking for Airbnb’s several days prior in the D.C. area, so we decided to look again. We couldn’t find any at for that night. We saw one we liked where the room, location and price looked perfect but it wasn’t available for this evening. So Candace messages them through Airbnb and the woman immediately responds, saying they had a person staying in that room tonight, but their other room was available. She sent us this special offer, which gave us their bigger room for the same price at the one we were looking at! This room had two queen beds, instead of the one. Candace and I looked at each other and jumped at the opportunity.

Once we had our sleeping arrangements secured for the next 5 nights we were much happier. That stress of sleeping alone in a wet, scary environment was gone. So we headed into Downtown D.C. to explore since we still had hours to kill in the day before checking in. If you have not stayed at an airbnb think of a combination of hotel and hostel. You still have your own space, but you are meeting people like you would at a hostel.

Candace and I parked at a Metro Station and took that into the mall. We decided to go to the Air and Space Museum first. It was a cool building with all the airplanes hanging from the ceiling. There was one exhibit that was more interactive so you got to learn and play at once.


We left the museum and got a pretzel outside. The pretzel was quite hard which was unfortunate. We sat down to enjoy them but all the birds flew down to us. They wanted our food. These birds would fly up right at your food level to try to get some. It was pretty crazy how they would hover there at your food.

We quickly finished and took the metro back to our car, which was on the other side of town of where we needed to go. We drove to our airbnb hosts house. They lived about 30 mins from D.C. in Maryland.


When we arrived we were both nervous since it was our first airbnb experience. Candace and I had no clue if we should knock or enter the door code that they had already given us. We entered the code and were greeted by the husband. He showed us around and informed us of all the things we needed to know–DC area knowledge, free parking, etc. They were very sweet people, and we talked most of the night away.

We both were tired and went to bed in our own comfy queen sized bed that we sprawled across.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


One thought on “Saved By Airbnb

  1. Hi gals, You are maturing very nicely🤗 The fact that you knew to follow your intuition when you didn’t feel safe is always good! Glad you’re having a few days with walls and beds! You’re having an amazing experience!! Your pictures are are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all!


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