Riding, Biking, Walking in DC

We woke up later since we were able to sleep in beds. Once we got ready and set out for D.C., we went to the free parking lot next to the Jefferson Memorial (photo below). From there we picked up some bikes from the local bike rental station. The one in D.C. is called Capital Bike share. We biked around all the memorials because we knew we wanted to take the night tour later that day.

While we were biking, we saw Lincoln’s memorial, the tidal basin, Korean War memorial, Vietnam memorial, National Monument, and the reflecting pool by the capital.

Once we found a station to park the bikes, we walked to the American History Museum. There we walked around the different exhibits exploring the history of food, transportation, civil rights, money, and films.

After walking around for about 3 hours, we were so exhausted that we left to go back to the AirBnB home. There I (Candace) rested while Sarah relaxed and watched a movie.

Around 6pm we got ready to go back to Washington DC. We had a moonlight tour scheduled with Old Town Trolley. I would recommend doing some sort of bus tour in D.C. because it provides you two things. One it shows you some of the highlights of D.C. Two it saves you a lot of walking.

During the tour, we first saw the Iwo Jima which is sculpted after the famous photo of the U.S. Marine Corps setting the USA flag into the land (photo below).

Then we saw the FDR memorial. There were four parts to this memorial. Each part was separated by a waterfall. Below are a few photos of the different sculptures.

Following that memorial, we went to the Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans (no photo shown), and Korean War memorial.

We headed back “home” after our tour. This  was nice because we didn’t have to set up our tent that night.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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