Day at the Museum

Today, I (Candace) thought it would be a good idea to take the metro into D.C. to save miles on the car and gas. However, this didn’t happen. Sarah and I go searching for Anacosita metro parking. Fortantly for us, we couldn’t find it. This was frustrating at the time. However, it saved us a lot of hassle since that neighborhood is known for car break-ins.

So we ended up going to the free parking back at Jefferson memorial. From there we walked to the Smithsonian Castle. It was such a hot day outside that we did not properly prepare for it. We were wearing jean pants that were not forgiving to us walking around in the hot weather. We tried to quickly get inside the Smithsonian Castle since I knew it was air conditioned. We explored the 3D map of all the Smithsonian museums to see where we were interested in going to.


We decided on going and checking out the Natural History Museum. This museum was huge! When we first walked inside the building, the exhibit straight ahead of us was the Below the Ocean exhibit. It had a huge whale replica hanging from the ceiling with collections on smaller underwater creatures and sea life displayed around the room. There was also a mammal exhibit, with all kinds of stuffed animals.




We then traveled to the Human Origins area where it provided history on where we originated from. It was interesting to learn how many different species of humans were living on the earth millions of years ago.


Following that we ventured through the insect and dinosaurs exhibits. We were able to see live insects from different habits all in one place. There were some really interesting beetles from the rain forest, and wide range of butterflies from around the world. Also, we saw dinosaur bones reaching as tall as the ceiling. I learned that dinosaurs were on this earth for millions of years longer than humans have been on the earth. I had an idea that dinosaurs were on this earth for a few million years, but I did not know that they were on here for so many millions of years. It was pretty interesting!

Our tummy’s were starting to growl that we were hungry. So we headed for a little cafe in between the Natural History Museum and the West Art Museum. This place was called Pavilion Cafe. It had some decent priced sandwiches and salads as well as dessert cakes. We enjoyed our lunch inside the air conditioned room while dreading having to go back outside in the hot heat.

After finishing our meal, we set out for the National Art Museum- West. This museum had collections of artwork that dated about a few centuries ago. It was pretty phenomenal looking at artwork that was painted in the 1600’s. We quickly finished up looking at a few more painting before we were ushered out since the museum was closing.

We were again tried from our long day and quickly fell asleep at the AirBnB that we were staying at.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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