Lions, Tigers and Falafels

When we woke up this morning we already knew exactly what we wanted to do today–the zoo! I (Sarah) was very excited because I love love love animals. So we got ready to go, and made sure to wear shorts today since it was very hot the previous day.

The nice thing about the zoo is that it’s free, but you still have to pay for parking. When Candace and I walked into the park, we went to the tigers and lions. The tiger was out and about pacing. I think it was trying to either go inside or get the keepers attention to get fed. Right next door to the tiger were the female lionesses. We heard the male lion calling to them from inside where he was being kept, while they cleaned his structure. The lionesses were also very active and playful. One was trying to hoard the wrapped up firehose all to herself. All the rest were waiting to see if she would let go and pounce the second she did. It was very fun to watch. I could’ve stayed there all day watching.



We decided to continue onward towards the orangutans and the ape house. The best thing about this zoo is they had towers for the orangutans to get from one structure to the other. They would swing on ropes over walkways to get to the other side. Unfortunately, we did not see any partake in swinging across–that would’ve been very cool. The ape house was very stinky. Everyone that walked in made some face and comment about how much it stank in the house. This house had gorilla exhibits and more orangutans. We also saw an elephant spraying itself with water to keep cool.

We were very lucky and got to see almost every animal that they had. After we had seen the animals we decided to get going to this falafel shop our Airbnb hosts told us about. Falafel is a deep fried ball made from chickpeas and/or fava beans and typically served on pita bread. It was a great bang for your buck. The sandwich was a great size and very filling. You got to add whatever you wanted out of all their fillings.


We headed back “home.” When we got there, we rested for a bit then decided to go out. We were trying to find this dumpling restaurant, but when we arrived we didnt see it and saw it was in a kind of sketchy area. So Candace and I found another place to head to. We were cracking up because we couldn’t find the next place either. We joked with each other and said at this rate we will just have Wendy’s. We busted up laughing (at least we can laugh at each other in stressful times.)

Finally we found the Copycat restaurant. It was quite tricky to find. It ended up being in an alley way. See Candace and I have been told not to go into alleyways at night, but we went against that. We were on our guard and there were people nearby if we needed them. We also saw other young woman walking into the alley and once we followed we saw a whole bunch of hidden fancy restaurants back there. You would’ve never guessed that all these nice places were back there.

We sat at the bar and shared fried rice and a waffle ice cream dessert thing, ย After that it was really late so we headed back home. We climbed into bed and were out for the night.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees ๐Ÿ


2 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers and Falafels

  1. You both sound like you’re having such a good time, in spite of a few stressful times. Your friendship sounds like it’s growing stronger by the day! You are creating memories and experiences you will treasure for a lifetime! Bravo๐Ÿค— Irene

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