Still Marching For Change

Today, Sarah and I each did our own things. She went to the Holocaust Museum while I went to the National Art Museum- East.

While I was walking to the art museum, I was able to see the powerful, amazing protesters marching about the global climate change. This was really empowering to see people take action towards something so important. I joined them for a little bit reading the signs that people made. They didn’t start their march for the White House until after I left for the museum.

I was excited to see the National Art Museum (East) because it was modern art. It was decorated with some of Pablo Picasso’s work, Georgia O’Keeffe and many other fantastic artists. It was interesting how the building was laid out. Each floor was shaped as a triangle and each floor was adjarred from one another. This architecture added to the modern art work and made it interesting for getting up each level.

While Candace was doing all that, I (Sarah) was at the Holocaust Museum. Unfortunately, all the tickets for the main exhibit were sold out, but I could still look at other exhibits in the building.


First I went into the young boy’s story exhibit. It was so well done. It was set up just like his house used to be and really took you on the journey of what happened to him and his family. They had his diary entries all over the exhibit. The way it was set up reminded me of Disneyland and how much detail they put into the presentation. Of course it was emotional, sad and depressing, but I’m so glad I saw it. Their stories should be shared because they were human beings who mattered, and something like that should never have happened.



There was also video footage in another part of the museum, which was equally as great. I am a sucker for stories, especially life stories, so I thoroughly enjoyed that. Yes I teared up at most of what these beautiful souls were sharing. How raw and vulnerable they were being on camera. I went into the memorial room and lit a candle for all the people who had to endure all this hatred and horrible treatment.



After walking around the whole museum, I thought I better go find Candace. So I walked several blocks to the food truck area by the Smithsonian Castle.

After touring the museum, I met up with Sarah for lunch. We ordered food from the food trucks lined up by the National Mall. The food was pretty good. After eating our food in the shade, we walked over to the Archives building where we looked around. It was cool seeing the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

We slowly headed back to the car. We were extremely hot and sticky, and my (Sarah’s) feet were hurting. We headed back to the house and chatted with our Airbnb hosts. We had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and sipped bourbon. It was a very pleasant last evening with them.

We were tired, so we headed up to bed.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝



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