We left Maryland where we had been staying to set out for Philadelphia, PA. Before we got there, we were interested in seeing the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Dover, DE. We also saw a motorcycle group of hundreds driving through. So that took us awhile  before we could turn.


We walked around the different hiking paths looking at birds, crabs and turtles.  Sarah pointed out three bald eagles in one of the reservoirs.




On our way to Pennsylvania, we wanted to get a picture of the Ceasar Rodney Statue in Wilmington, DE. We saw it on Pinterest–a must-see attraction, so we went and took a picture of it (photo below).

We wanted to make sure that we went to the Liberty Bell. I (Candace) checked the hours and it said it was open until 7pm. Well, when we showed up the Liberty Bell building was closed. We were disappointed because we were looking forward to seeing it up close and personal. So instead we took a picture of the Liberty Bell through the window.

After that, we headed for the visitors center since that was still open. There we got our National Park information pamphlets and stamps. We saw a USA puzzle map on the ground that was intended for kids, but Sarah and I sat down and put it together. As we did this, we were saying, “We’ve been here, and here, and not there yet”. It was fun seeing all the states we had already passed through.


In addition to the map they also had some cardboard cut outs for people to take pictures with. We of course took our picture with Rosie the Riveter, since we both are Women Studies majors.



We walked back to the car setting out to drive to a friend’s house in Philadelphia, PA. Once we got to their house, we talked with them about our trip while they cooked dinner for us. We were so thankful for a homemade meal. It was great visiting with them! After dinner, we went to Rita’s Italian Ice for ice cream. They had an ice cream mix where you could get ice cream, core filled center, and mix-ins toppings. It was so delicious! While we were getting the ice creams, it was freezing outside. We laughed at the fact that all of us got ice cream on a freezing night. We drove back with our ice creams and watched Moana. Sarah and I got excited to see this movie since we both hadn’t seen it before. Once the movie ended, we fell asleep to a super dark and quiet room which made us fall asleep quickly.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


5 thoughts on “Birdwatch

  1. There is a Rosie the Riveter museum in Richmond (Ca)…we haven’t been but friends have. They said I’d was pretty neat and on Fridays still living “Rosie’s” are there.

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