Music All Day

From a long night the night before, we decided to sleep in. This was perfect because by the time we got up it was perfect weather to walk around the park. We set off for the train which was right behind our friend’s apartment. It took about an hour to get to Central Park, but it was well worth it. We walked to one of the entrances to the park and we were already stunned by the city backdrop to this lush green park.



We both really wanted pretzels from the little street cart, so we got those to eat while we walked around. After that, we passed another street cart that advertised warm nuts. I (Candace) could not pass up the opportunity to get New York peanuts (photo below).


We continued to walk around Central Park. We stopped by one of the visitor center stations. They helped direct us to some central attractions in the park like the Imagine memorial for John Lennon. Sarah really wanted to see this memorial so we walked over there. There was a really pretty memorial plaque with a nice flower placed on top of it. I took Sarah’s picture by it (photo below) since I did not want mine.



Then it was starting to get closer to the time we needed to go back to get ready for the Broadway play. Before heading back, I wanted to get a dress from Forever 21 to wear for tonight’s play. I wasn’t able to find anything, so we left for our friend’s apartment to get ready. We quickly got ready since we still had to ride the train back.

We made perfect timing and got to the box office right at 6:30pm to pick up our tickets. The Broadway play that, we won tickets from Broadway Direct, was On Your Feet! The Musical. This play was about Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s lives towards their music career. It was a fun, upbeat play! We got the main leads autograph and photo after the play. I was shocked more people weren’t waiting by the stage door to get photos with the cast.



Following the play, we headed back to our friend’s apartment to get some sleep.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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