Best Play Ever, Waitress

Early in the morning, we left our friend’s house and left for Sarah’s cousin’s apartment. Once we got to Manhattan, we started to look for parking which was almost impossible. While I (Candace) was driving, Sarah was looking for parking structures, but each one she found the reviews said that the parking attendants parked the cars really poorly leading to damaged vehicles. So I really did not want to park in a parking structure knowing the possibility that my car could get damaged. Then we passed a parking structure that was by a hospital so I decided to drop the car off there. Sarah reassured me that they probably take better care of the car since hospital employees also park their cars there. She was right Peanut, my car, was perfectly fine.

After an hour and half of searching for parking, we quickly ran to catch the train to meet up with my friend from New York. We got lunch at Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie which was inside the Empire State building. It was great catching up with her! Sarah and I wanted to go up in the Empire State building, but we needed to get Sarah’s cousin’s apartment key before the play.

We took the train to a stop near my cousins work so we could pick up the keys. After getting the keys, we had to make a decision if we wanted to either walk or pay to take the train to Sarah’s cousin’s apartment. We decided to take the 30 minute walk over. This usually would be fine, however, at the parking lot we took our bags with us since we didn’t think we would be coming back. This made it difficult to walk quickly–which you have to do in NYC.  We pushed through anyways and crashed once we got to her apartment.

Thankfully, we had sometime to relax for awhile. New York is a stressful place to get around whether your in the car or walking around– everyone is always go, go, go. Sarah and I just laid on the bed watching movies on our phones until it was time to meet up with another one of my friends who is getting her masters degree in New York. We met up at Dutch Fred’s which was a restaurant and bar. They had fun drinks which were named after some of the Broadway shows. I got the Willy Wonka drink that had a toasted marshmallow on top. Sarah got Finding Neverland, which was a tropical drink with a mint garnish. This place was only two minutes from the theatre. So it was great that we had more time to visit with my friend.

Once it got close to showtime, we said our goodbyes and left to go see Waitress, starting Sara Bareilles. Sarah and I were so excited to see Sara Bareilles again especially since she wrote the music for the play and was starring in for only 10 weeks. Before the play, we waited in line for the bathroom, then waited in another line to purchase little pies and drinks.



When the lights dimmed, the crowd started to shout with excitement when we heard Sara Bareilles voice. The play was phenomenal! We would highly recommend it because it had her music, she was starring in it, and the cast was fantastic! Once the play was over, we quickly went to the stage door to see the actors. We got to see a glimpse of Sara Bareilles before she hurried into her car (photo below).



Then we started to walk back to Sarah’s cousin’s apartment, but before we got back we stopped so I could get a slice of pizza. It was delicious– it was buffalo chicken and sauce. We were so happy after seeing that play that it took awhile to fall asleep.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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