Live Like Royalty

In the morning, we packed up our things to get going towards the parking lot where Peanut, my car, was parked. Sarah and I got in the car setting out for a “long” drive to Connecticut. It only took us two hours to get to Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT. Unfortunately, the visitor’s center was closed, so we just looked at the outside of the castle instead. There was also a gorgeous view of the river nearby. Sarah admired the stone architecture which reminded her of her uncle’s stone work. It was quite lovely!




Following that, we set off for our next adventure which was Rhode Island. We got there around lunchtime and decided to go to Black Pearl Restaurant in Newport, RI. There we both got Clam Chowder with saltine crackers and yummy bread rolls. We relished our time enjoying the food because it was so great. After eating, we went to the little shop to get a souvenir piece of clothing.


Afterwards, we got in the car to head towards Boston, MA. Before Sarah started to drive, I was calling different campsites to see if they had available campsites for that night. Either some of them had only a couple left or they were too expensive. So Sarah reached out to her cousin about seeing if she would be able to help us find a place to stay for the night. She was so sweet and got us a nice hotel room at Omni Parker House in Boston, MA. Sarah and I were excited to stay in our first hotel room during this trip.


When we arrived in Boston, it took us awhile to find parking until Sarah found a parking structure near the hotel. We grabbed our bags and walked to the fancy hotel. As we approached the front desk of the hotel, the hotel concierge did not provide us a welcoming greeting. So we quickly checked-in with her and went up to the hotel room. Once we got into the room, we lied down on the huge King size bed and just took a minute to relax. It was wonderful having such a big bed to sleep in, just like we were royalty.  As the night continued, we watched movies, ate candy and enjoyed the comfort of a hotel room.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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