Free Rain Walk

It was raining when we woke in the morning. This made it a little difficult to plan something to do outside. So, we took our time leaving the hotel—hoping that the rain would stop. It did somewhat, so we decided to go to the Freedom Trail. We first went to the Freedom Trail Tour area. There we bought some postcards and looked at the pricing for tours. We chose not to do the tour since it would be a long tour in the rain. Instead we did our quick, free tour of the Freedom Trail. Along the way we passed by the National Park Visitors Center, there we could get a free map of the trail and the significant places to stop by. Also, inside of the building were little shops that sold tea, historical books, and other tourists souvenirs.



Once we left the National Park Visitors Center we walked across the street to Quincy Market. There it was filled with many food markets; Cheers was also inside the market. I (Candace) thought that was really cool since my mom and I would watch that show together.


Sarah and I roamed around for some time and then left to go check out the cemetery.


At Granary Burying Ground, it was amazing to see how old the tombstones were. Some were from the 1770’s. Some of the oldest tombstones. You could tell who did made the headstones based on the stonework and patterns. Paul Reveres tombstone was there as well (photo above).

Afterwards, we continued on the Freedom Trail. Instead of walking, we drove next to it. This was a better way of seeing the trail while it was raining, than to get wet and soggy from the rain. We drove past a lot of traffic on our way to the Monument Tower. We arrived at the tower and thought it looked identical to the Washington monument (photo below).


We thought that we would avoid traffic by waiting at the tower for awhile. Even though we waited, there was a large amount of traffic while traveling to Mike’s Pastry. Finally we got to Mike’s Pastry and found parking. The dessert shop had many choices of cannoli’s, cookies, fudge, gelato, and small cakes. Sarah and I both bought the peanut butter cannoli. It was so delicious but also very rich, especially since they put powder sugar on it.


We enjoyed our desserts and then left for our friend’s flat whom we were staying with that night. It was great talking with her and her daughter’s friend’s mother about our travels. They made Girl Scout thin mint cupcakes that were so wonderful! Later on, in the night, her daughter’s friend and mother left, so Sarah and I got comfortable on the futon and fell asleep.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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