Harvard–What Like It’s Hard?

After a restless night, I (Candace) woke up early and had trouble falling back to sleep. So I laid there wide awake until everyone else woke up. Once our friend and her husband woke up, we had coffee, tea, and bagels. Then Sarah and I did laundry, while we waited until it was time to leave for the car’s oil change appointment.

Most of our day was filled with waiting for the car to be done with the oil change in Lynn, MA. We sat there watching these highly annoying infomercials, but we did get free popcorn and snacks. As well as the service people being very helpful and kind. After about an hour, we left there.

Harvard was on our places that we wanted to see. Since I (Sarah) love the movie Legally Blonde, I had to see Harvard. As we drove into the campus, it was filled with magnificent architectural interesting buildings. It looked just like I had imagined it would. We walked around the campus admiring it, then we got hungry. So we left to Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca.



This restaurant is Mario Batali’s. We shared a spinach salad, and a 4 cheese pizza, and then I got wine. The prices for the pizzas were actually relatively cheap. Everything was fantastic! We enjoyed watching the chefs, who were right in front of us, make the pizzas. Sarah and I enjoyed talking and eating great food.


Afterwards, we met up with my friend from college, who just so happened to be visiting Boston. We met up with her and her friend for ice cream back at JP Licks on Harvard’s campus. It was lovely catching up with her and meeting her friend. It was starting to get late so we left for our friend’s apartment. We got ready for bed and fell fast asleep.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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