Maine Purpose–Lobster

We left Boston, MA to set out for Portland, ME. One of the main reasons we wanted to go to Maine was to get their well-known lobster. We added a few more clothing layers because it was a little colder outside. It was a fairly short drive (about 3 hours), in order to avoid the tolls, we went a really roundabout way on and off the freeways.


Before arriving to Portland, Sarah saw the Holy Donut. The friend who we had been staying with in Boston, told her that it was a great place to stop. I (Candace) pulled over so that we could get some donuts!! All were handmade potato donuts which were so delicious. Sarah got a maple donut and I got a dark chocolate and cinnamon donut.

Then we ventured to Portland where we stopped at Urban Farm Fermentory.  They make kombucha from green tea and sugar as well as black tea and honey. We had a tasting flight of some of their kombuchas.


It had a really sweet vibe there. There were a lot of people our age who were chit-chatting with one another. The place had cornhole, darts, and other fun games to play. The place was decorated with rustic boho decor. It was really relaxing and chill.

I (Candace) asked them for suggestions of a yummy place to get lobster. They suggested we check out Commerical Street which had a bunch of lobster places. A lot of places weren’t open yet for Lobster season. Isn’t it interesting and ironic when their state motto is “open for business?!” We ended up going to Porthole restaurant and getting lobster rolls. A lobster roll is: lobster, lettuce, and your choice of: butter, mayo, or lemon on top. Mine was delicious with a bunch of butter drizzled on top. While Sarah’s was soggy.

Next, we stopped by a lighthouse in Maine called Bug Light (photo below). It is seriously the smallest lighthouse I have ever seen. I was thinking it was going to be a big statement lighthouse, like most east coast lighthouses are that I’ve seen from the movies.

As you can see from the photo, it is very tiny. There was a nice park area that was around it, but it was too cold to stay outside. So we took a few pictures, videos and I attempted to do a few handstands.

Then we left for Newfields, NH to stay with some friends. It was so nice meeting them and talking with them. We went out to dinner where we got another lobster roll.  Sarah wanted a better experience with having a lobster roll. This one was even more yummy! The roll was grilled (so the bread wasn’t soggy) and the lobster meat was much fresher.

To conclude the night, we went back to their home and watched Kevin Hart’s What Now? Movie. It was hilarious and a great way to end the night. We didn’t end up finishing it because we were all so tired and ready for bed.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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