Ice Cream in the Snow

We set off for Vermont to go to the Ben Jerry’s Factory! We were amped! We left from New Hampshire after staying with really nice friends! When we arrived to the factory, we saw a brightly colored building with a bunch of painted cows on it. So we knew we were in the right place!

We headed inside the building to see even more brightly colored decor and a ticket booth. We bought our tour tickets for only $4; it was the cheapest ticket so far. Our tour guide announced it was time to go on the tour. The participants and us huddled up in a group to listen to our tour guide provide a brief introduction and tell us some jokes. He was very punny! We were then lead into a room to watch a video on the history of Ben & Jerry’s. After that, we were guided to the top floor where we watched the ice cream makers assemble the ice cream! It was the best thing ever! Shortly after that we were lead downstairs to another room where we got a sample of the Americone Dream ice cream. This ice cream had chocolate covered waffle cone pieces, caramel swirl, and vanilla ice cream–so tasty!


Afterwards we browsed around the gift shop and went to the ice cream parlor,  where we got more ice cream!




Before we left, we looked at the flavor graveyard where all the de-pinted ice creams ended up (photo below). Each grave stone had a short punny blurb about the ice cream.


After we left we set out for Camels Hump, which was a hike spot.


As I (Sarah) was driving up the unpaved dirt road, I saw a bright red fox. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’m a sucker for seeing animals! This fox was so beautiful and had just hunted, so it had something in its mouth. I couldn’t tell what it was, but I’m thinking it was a rabbit. I tried to have Candace capture a photo but it ran farther away.


Once we made it to the top of the mountain, we saw that the hike path was closed, so we just took photos. While up on the mountain it also started snowing. It was such a light snow which wasn’t sticking to the ground, but it sure was cold! Candace and I both tried catching snow crystals on our tongues.

​We set out to meet Sarah’s cousin which was exciting because she had never met her before. In order to get to her place from where we were we had to take a car ferry over Lake Champlain. This was Candace’s first experience with a car ferry. I think she enjoyed the experience, since it was unlike anything else. When we arrived, it was perfect timing because her cousin had just pulled up in the driveway. We went inside (because it was a very cold 40 degrees out), we talked for awhile and then ate dinner. She shared stories with Sarah and I about her and her family. It was a lovely evening!

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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