Winter is Coming to the Olympics 

We left fairly early from her cousin’s house so that we could get going for a long drive day. Before we were on the road for too long, we stopped at Lake Placid Winter Olympics. We were excited to check it out since we almost overlooked going to it. Also, it was snowing outside which made it feel like winter time. Perfect timing for checking out the Winter Olympic Museum.

There was a lot of history provided at the museum about the Winter Olympics. I (Candace) did not know that the Winter Olympics were held at Lake Placid two times, which is more than any other Olympic village. Also, that in 1980 the USA Olympic hockey team beat the Russians’ team. Everyone called it “The Miracle.”

Also in the exhibit, we were able to try out some of the gear for bobsledding. So we chose some stylish helmets and sat in different bobsleds.

After our fashion runway appearance, we went upstairs to check out the ice rinks. There were three rinks, but we could only find two. So we cut our loses and went across the street to get food. However, that was closed because it wasn’t season for having visitors around that area. So we checked out this small little clothing and home decor store, then left for the car. There we made sandwiches and shared some laughs. Following that, we set out to drive to Webster, NY to stay with Sarah’s cousin. She was so happy to met them for the first time. We shared dinner with them and then they offered to start the hot tub for us. We accepted that offer and got to spend almost an hour in the hot tub. Sarah and I were just talking about life and where we could see our lives going after this trip. Once we were all wrinkly from the hot tub we got ready for bed and fell asleep.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees🐝


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