All Things Beautiful

In the morning, we ate breakfast then got ready to go see the Lake with Sarah’s cousin and her husband. The first part of the lake had such a high water line that it was difficult to walk around it so we left that part.

We headed to this beach on Lake Ontario where they typically find sea glass. Unfortunately, the water level was so high there was no beach. There was just a lot of debris that was taking up the little amount of beach space that there was. While looking for sea glass, I (Sarah) was astonished at how much trash and plastic was washed up. I think every square inch of that beach had some piece of trash. So please please help clean up our oceans and lakes! My cousin only found one tiny piece of sea glass, which she gave to me.


After that, they showed us the lilacs. That coming week was going to be there Lilac Festival. The lilacs were beautiful. They weren’t fully in bloom, but they were still gorgeous. Some had such a strong aroma while others had none. We walked through all the lilac trees.





My cousin wanted to show us this cool food place–Nick Tahou’s. At this restaurant there specialty are garbage plates. This garbage plate is made up of half homestyke potatoes and other half macaroni salad. Then you choose whether you want a hamburger patty, cheeseburger patty, or hot dog on top of that. Then they top it with ground beef, and onions. It was quite filling, but Candace and I almost finished our own plates.


Candace and I wanted to check out Susan B. Anthony’s house since it was right around the corner. My cousins didn’t want to, but they said they would show us where it was. We gave hugs and said bye, then we headed inside for a tour. The tour was kind of long but it was nice seeing her house and even more history about her.


After touring the her house, we took pictures with the Susan B. Anthony statue.




We then proceeded to my other cousins house in Buffalo, NY. I also had never met him either, so I was a little nervous calling him to get his address. When we got there a couple hours later and met him and his wife, I immediately loved them. They were so sweet, caring, loving and all around kind-hearted good people. We had such a blast just talking with the two of them. They got pizza and famous buffalo wings delivered to the house. There home was so quaint and cozy.

We called it a night after hours and hours of talking-like I had known them my whole life. There was something so familiar about them to me. It felt like I was home which was such a beautiful feeling.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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