Niagara Falls 

We ate a large breakfast–this helped to curb our appetite for most of the day. Sarah and I set out for Niagara Falls on the Canada side. Sarah was driving as we got to the border. Once we pulled up to the border crossing officer, Sarah handed him our passports. Immediately after he starts asking us a list of questions. His questions started to get interrogated in-nature. He wanted to know if we had jobs back home and how long we were planning on staying in Canada. Sarah told him only for the day and that we wanted to see Niagara Falls. Following so many questions, we were finally able to pass through. It was quiet unnerving the way he made us feel as if we were doing something wrong. We found parking by Niagara and had a few laughs to let go of his energy. 

Then we walked over to the Falls (photo above) and just stood there amazed! Sarah and I smiled at each other because we finally made it to Niagra Falls. The Falls was so big and loud. Little kids walking past were holding their ears because it was too loud for them. 

We continued towards the Hornblower cruise ticket booth. When we got there, we quickly bought the tickets and hurried to the boat. It seemed like they setup the path to the boat similar to a line in Disneyland where it zigs back and forth. Finally we got the line for the boat which was at the front of the line. Sarah and I were like little kids waiting to get on the boat– we were so excited! 

The boat came around the dock to pick up the passengers. Sarah ran upstairs so we could get the best view of the Falls. This was on the second level of the bow. Once everyone was onboard we departed for the Falls. About 10 minutes go back and we are in the middle of the horseshoe (photo below). [This photo is filtered so that you can see the most coming off of the Falls]. Since we were up front, we were the windbreakers for the people behind us. Quickly Sarah and I got cold because the water and cold air hit us hard. What felt like a few minutes passed and then the boat turned around to head back towards the port. 

While we were on the boat, I asked the woman behind me where she got the other poncho. She commented that it was from the Journey Behind the Falls where you walk behind the Falls. This peaked our interest so we left the boat in hopes to find the tour. 

Luckily it was not that difficult to find it. We bought our ticket and went down the elevator behind the Falls. It was kind of crazy to think we were right underneath the Falls. The sound of the Falls was amplified (video below).

We went to the outlook right next to the Falls taking in the beauty of it. We got a few pictures of ourselves (photos below) and then went back up. 

At this point, we were hungry so we went into the cafe and found Tim Horton. It was a sandwich and donut place that neither one of us had ever been to. The best part was that the meal was a sandwich and a donut as the side. We both got a turkey bacon sandwich with a maple donut on the side (photo below). 

We enjoyed our time at the Falls! Since we were tired from our day it was time to head back to Sarah’s cousins house which was about a 2 hour drive. On our way back, we stopped to get dinner at a Thai food place. Afterwards, I really wanted another maple donut from Tim Horton’s. This time we were in New York instead of Canada. So I pulled up to the drive thru and asked for a maple donut. She informed me that they didn’t have maple donuts. My follow up question was if they even had donuts– she chuckled then listed off a ton of speciality donuts. Leaving out the most basic donut, maple. Instead of a delicious maple donut, I got a cinnamon roll. 

We left to get back to the house. We felt bad that we come in a little late, but that was no problem as we talked with them for an hour or so sharing our trip with them. 

Much Love, 

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


One thought on “Niagara Falls 

  1. So glad you made it to Niagra Falls and had such a full experience! I think of it as one of the most exceptional places in the U.S.


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