Driving through Canada 🇨🇦 

We once again said goodbye to my cousin and his wife. They gave us a big hug and wished us luck with the rest of our endeavors. I (Sarah) started the drive since Candace didn’t want to deal with customs. However once we got to Niagra Falls on the NY side, we had to stop for Candace to pick up some stickers. Following that we changed drivers because I had to use the restroom and we didn’t want to pay to park anywhere.


So Candace begrudgingly said she would face customs. The guy was so much nicer than the very first man we had the previous day. However, she couldn’t understand him with his Canadian accent, so I answered most of the questions. He only asked us a few questions then let us through. We managed to find our way to the road we needed, since we had our cell phones turned off. We didn’t want our phones to be charged international rates.

We successfully drove through Canada and found our way with just a screenshot photo for directions. Since Canada uses kilometers and not miles it was slightly interesting figuring out the speed limit. Now we can say that we took this trip internationally! 😊

We made only one stop through Canada and that was to get maple donuts from Tim Horton’s. They were so delicious! Once we got to the border of Canada and Michigan, I got nervous to go through customs again. That first guy just made me very worrisome for all of the border crossings. However, once again we got a nicer guy again and just asked a few questions then let us through. We got to cross a really cool bridge though.


With the thought of no more border crossings for this trip, I could finally relax. We found a campground and headed to it just outside of Detroit in Wayne, Michigan. This campground was cool, it was in and apart of the fair grounds. We felt safe knowing that there were lots of RVs around and another tent camper a little ways away. This was our first time camping in awhile since our scary night 2 and a half weeks ago in Lurray, VA. We had been very fortunate to have a place to stay with people we knew all over the east coast. At the same time though, we really missed our tent. The tent has been our home, our own space for us to just veg, relax and do whatever we feel like doing.

So I enjoyed setting up the tent and cooking on our camp cook stove. I made Candace beans and I had ramen. Then we both had apple sauce and peaches. Of course our dinner was fancy, but it was tasty.

I called and talked to my parents and boyfriend since I had some free time. Candace relished in watching some shows on her phone. After that we were quite tired and fell asleep.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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