Eastern Market 

We woke up this morning to the sun shinning and it nice out. After packing all our things up we headed to the Detroit Eastern Market. It just so happened that we were there on a Saturday, so we could see this marketplace.

When we got there it was very busy and poppin’. It was a little difficult finding parking since there were so many people there. We eventually found a spot after circling the lot several times. This market was very much like a farmers market. There were plants you could buy, fresh fruits, vegetables, artisan goods and etc. They also had live music all over the blocks and yummy food trucks.




Of course Candace and I got food from the food trucks. One of the trucks was El Guapo, which served yummy Mexican food. Candace and I both got shrimp burritos and ate them in the shade against the building wall. After we stuffed our faces, we continued walking through all the buildings to see what else they had. We ended up getting some fresh strawberries and some apple juice. After walking all around this market, we walked back to the food trucks to get beignets. We couldn’t resist more irresistibly yummy beignets. This ones were really good. Of course the powdered sugar goes everywhere.


Since it was getting about that time where we should drive to Ohio, we headed out. It took us a couple hours to get there.


Once we arrived in Cincinnati, OH we met the people we were staying with and got settled. They made hamburgers, salad and tater tots for dinner. It was yummy! After dinner we talked and laughed at the fact that their dog knows the command “blow your nose.” The woman put a tissue up to the dogs nose and say “blow your nose” and the dog will blow her nose. It was very comical.

After a long day we headed to bed in the basement where we were sleeping. Candace and I tried to share the only 3 cushion couch but that didn’t work out so well. There just wasn’t enough room, so in the middle of the night she switched to the loveseat couch. I think I slept much better after that since I could spread out on the couch.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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