Mother’s Day

This morning we woke up and got ready to go. It was Mother’s Day and the family we were staying with was going out to brunch. We didn’t want to intrude anymore than we felt like we already had. He got up early to make us breakfast for us on our way out. He made a lot of French toast, and bacon. It was so delicious though. Candace and I gathered up our things and left while mostly everyone was still asleep.


On our way to our ultimate destination of Mammoth Caves, we saw a sign that said Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, so we decided to stop. It was really cool to see the property and small cabin/hut that he was born at.


There wasn’t much to see other than the cabin. We knew it was Mother’s Day and that we should probably call our mothers, so we did.

After talking with our moms we headed to Mammoth Caves National Park. As we were nearing the national park, I kept seeing signs that said road ends in water. I was getting a little nervous about what that meant. It really did end in water-a river runs right in the middle of this road. So we got to take this small ferry (that only fits two-three cars at a time) across. That was pretty neat.


Once we got there we got a guided history tour which was leaving in just a few minutes. Candace and I hurried to get our tennis shoes on. We had no idea that we had gained an hour until I saw a sign that they were on central time.


Walking down to the cave enterance was really neat. We were in a very large tour group, so I tried to stay near the front. Walking into the cave was much cooler in temperature. It was like you were walking into a air conditioned room on a hot day.



This cave was a lot different than the other caves we’ve been to, it was much bigger. It also had small crevices that we had to go through which made the experience so much more worthwhile. This cave also didn’t have any stalactites or stalagmites forming.


After the couple hour tour, we filled up our water containers and set out to find a campground. We ended up staying at the campground right next to the mammoth cave. It was a nice campground with a good amount of people around, which makes us feel more comfortable. That night we cooked on our camp stove and facetimed with my family and niece.


We watched a movie on Candace’s phone before bed.


Our own personal movie theater set up.

Much Love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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