The Birds and the Bees

In the morning, we enjoyed having coffee and tea at our friend’s apartment and then the three of us left to go get Mexican pastries at the local pastry shop. Sarah and I bought so many different pastries since they were so cheap. Each pastry was about 50-70 cents. We went back to our friend’s apartment to eat the pastries and talk more about traveling.


It was time to leave to go hike Starved Rock, IL. We really wanted to see the waterfalls, so we hiked a few trails in search for the waterfalls. We found this beautiful waterfall where the water fell into the pool of water (photo below). There were a lot of people gathered around this one since it was only a mile from the visitor’s center.




The next waterfall we hiked to was about another mile up the trail. This waterfall was isolated since it was further from the visitor’s center. The trail into this one was narrower. As well as it was right on the side of the mountain making it have a long drop-off side. Sarah and I used more caution walking along the trail. Even though it was a difficult trek to the waterfall, it was so worth it. There was a gorgeous waterfall pouring over the rocks traveling down the rock bed below (photo below).





There were some other sights to see other than waterfalls here at Starved Rock. Candace and I were able to find our beehive!


There was some scenic overlooks as well. There were so many birds in the water, which was cool to see.



After our hike around Starved Rock, we were ready to call it a day. We searched for the campground that was nearby; it took us a little while because the signs were not clear where this area was. Finally, we got to campground and set up our campsite before it got too windy. We watched a movie in our tent and then fell asleep.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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