Stayin Alive

In the morning, I woke up before Sarah and had the urge to meditate. I quietly left the tent. There was a comfy spot by a tree so I sat there and meditated. It was so peaceful with the wind breezing by. When I was done, I heard Sarah get out of the tent and lock the car since I had unlocked it to get a towel out. We greeted each other good morning and then started to pack up the tent. Once we were ready to go, we left for Iowa. At the time, we did not realize how many tornado watches we would come across during the day.

Once we got into Iowa, Sarah really wanted to go to a Maid-Rite since her grandfather started the Maid-Rite in Sacramento, CA. Shortly after arriving in the state, she finds one. When we get there it was set up like an 1950’s diner with the music boxes at each booth. We both ordered a cheese Maid-Rite burger (photo below). They were So delicious.




When we got back in the car, we got a tornado watch alert from my Red Cross Tornado app. We decided to head north to Wisconsin instead of going towards Des Moines, IA. We drove for a while heading towards Madison, WI, but then we got another alert saying that there was a major tornado watch over a large area of the state. We pulled off one of the exits and decided to head towards Milwaukee, WI since on the radar it looked like the storm was not passing through that area. We quickly left for Milwaukee planning to stay in a motel instead of camping. While driving we started hearing songs on the radio like stayin alive or other songs like it. Once we got to the Motel 6, I got another alert this time it was a serve thunderstorm alert. Sarah and I were happy that we decided to stay inside a building this night.

After a long day of traveling and stress, we were hungry. We got Taco Bell, snacks, and a Redbox movie to help us unwind. It was great eating food and relaxing. I fell asleep during the movie while Sarah stayed awake much longer because of the bright light from the lightening striking outside.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝



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