Twin Cities

In the morning, we wanted to get on the road early to we could avoid the tornadoes. We found out that there were tornadoes that touched down in both Iowa and Wisconsin (not close to Milwaukee). Sarah and I were thankful that we made the decision to stay in a motel for the night. Once we got on the road, we left for Minnesota to stay with a friend for a few days. It seemed like such a short drive in comparison to the day prior. By the time we got to St. Paul, MN, we were hungry. However, we knew in about an hour we were going to have dinner with our friend. So we went to the capital building to waste some time (photo below).




When we entered the capital, we were expecting to go through security since in the other capital buildings we have been. We walked around looking for where the hearing room was because we heard a debate in session. Unfortunately, the room we think was closed to the public since all the people going in had cards they would swipe to unlock the door. So we sat in the capital building using their wifi to work on our blogs.

Finally, it was time to have dinner with our friend. We went to a Thai food place which was so yummy! The waiter seemed a little out of it by the way he made comments to start conversation. It was kind of hilarious. We enjoyed our dinner and then left for Minnesota Institute of Art. There was a Thursday night event going on there that our friend wanted to take us to. A little after we arrived, we met her boyfriend and his family. They all were so sweet and welcoming! Overall, our night was really wonderful hanging out at the MIA. We also got free promotional pins and bags from the different companies there.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝




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