Mall of America

Sarah and I woke up excited to see Mall of America! We were curious where there cute kitten was so I (Sarah) jingled his toy to get him to come out. I played with him while Candace showered.



We heard how huge the mall was and we wanted to see it in person. It worked out great staying with our friend since she lived about ten minutes away from Mall of America, MN. Once we got there the Mall was so large it had four parking lots each direction. We conveniently parked in the North parking structure and happened to park on the California level. It made it easy to know where our car was parked.

When we walked in the mall, we were in awe of the theme park inside and the three levels of stores. Sarah and I set out to see the roller coasters. The roller coasters were themed after Nickelodeon shows. There were a lot of kids running back and forth to different roller coasters. Sarah and I got pretzels and sat down to people-watch.



After a while, we decided to explore more of the mall. We saw the Lego Store which had a huge dragon and helicopter above the store (photo below). The mall also had American Girl and Crayola store that were near the theme park area. As you walked away from that area, there were a lot of designer name stores as well as food shops.


As we walked past the food shops, Sarah saw Matcha ice cream. It was funny because she was craving Matcha the previous days. So she got that and I got mint ice cream from cold stone. We ate our desserts then realized how tired we were after walking around to the different stores. We decided to check out a few more stores then head back to our friend’s apartment. We found a cute store called Paper Source that had a bunch of cute paper and party supplies.


We also found Margaritaville chairs which we sat in for awhile.



Shortly after we got back, our friend got home from work. She was so sweet and made us dinner. The three of us shared stories about college, reminisced about rowing, and talked about our future endeavors. Her kitten was exhausted and sleeping so cutely on the couch. So I had to go cuddle him.


A little while after, her friends came over to have some drinks and we watched music videos. It was a really chill night.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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