Theodore Roosevelt National Park 

We left early in the morning to get on the road towards Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND. As we drove there, we passed over many hills as if we were on a roller coaster. We were welcomed to the park with an amazing view over the rolling hills, birds singing, and bunnies hopping past. Also, Sarah sighted bison SCAT—a technological way of saying poop. This was exciting to Sarah and I because that meant bison were around. We wandered around the visitor’s center until we were ready to go see more of the Painted Canyon.




We got in the car just moments before we saw wild horses roaming the grassy area on top of the hill (photo below). There were people close to them taking pictures of them. Sarah got out first and walked up the hill to the horses. Then I got out to see the horses as well. The horses were so beautiful walking around occasionally looking up at the people taking photos of them. There was a brand new baby among their band.




Soon after, we got in the car we drove passed more animals which were prairie dogs. They were very alert and cute since they were so tiny. There were a lot of baby prairie dogs (photo below).




We continued driving until we saw three bison on the side of the road. Two of the bison were eating grass while the other one was roaming around the hillside looking for something. Sarah and I were so excited to see these beautiful, magnificent creatures. They seemed so calm and not bothered by humans/ cars passing by them.

We left to go search for a campsite in the park since we really wanted to absorb the breathtaking scenery and the wonderful creatures making noises. Sarah and I found a campsite that was about a half- mile away from the bison. We quickly setup our tent, however, before we could get too comfortable we had to go into town and get cash to pay for the campsite. Once we got into town, we found a market that gave cash back so we got a few dinner items as well since we were slowly running out of food. Getting back to the campsite took about 15 minutes. On our way back, we saw a couple who were hitchhiking to get further into the park. I slowed down, while I did that Sarah said, “Sorry, we don’t have enough room”. However, I didn’t think she was done talking so I pulled over a little bit and the couple started to reach for the door handle. Then, Sarah quickly said, “Go, go, what are you doing?”–I sped off and started laughing at the situation.

After our hitchhiking experience, Sarah starts preparing dinner while I setup the stuff in the tent. Once dinner was ready, we enjoyed sitting outside gazing at the stars that slowly started to appear as the sun started to greet the horizon. We cleaned up our dishes and got ready for bed making sure to not leave anything outside that might attract bears or other large animals.

Much love,

Traveling BumbleBees 🐝


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